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Creative Services

Creative Services

Writing Services

We don’t just write radio and TV copy just to get on the air….we write copy that get’s positive results. Anyone can write scripts. Not everyone can incorporate, creativity and marketing savvy to make your clients web site pinged and their Face book page liked….oh and if they still have a land line….it’ll ring.

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Station Imaging Services

We can create a complete image for your station including liners, sweepers and promos. Listen to our station imaging demo here.

Talent Services

We are proud of our actors and voice over artists. Offering a diverse selection of professional male, female, and child voice over pros, we can tailor a sound and deliver an audio performance that will make your radio or TV spot stand out above the rest. Voice over talents that fit your company and your message.

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Audio Services

Everyone has state of the art digital recording studios……But only The Write Creative Results knows how to use them to make you cut thru the advertising clutter . Using the latest custom music and sound effect libraries available, we make any client….any size market…sound like a major market. Without added expense. We own all of our own music and sound effects so there’s no additional charge for your customized sound.

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Social Media Marketing Services

We can leverage your message through social media platforms to raise awareness and drive results!

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